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The European Pipeline Services GmbH (EPS) was founded on the 1st of July 2012 by the partners Einhaus Anlagenservice GmbH and FRIEDRICH VORWERK KG (GmbH & Co). Since then, the company has taken over the testing and inspection activities for pipelines and plants for the Einhaus Anlagenservice GmbH.
By the fusion of both experienced partners, it was possible to expand the range of services to also include the processing of large-scale orders. The access to the shared pool of personnel and machines allows for a comprehensive service in all areas.

Head Office
Niedersachsenstraße 19-21
21255 Tostedt
Phone +49 4182 - 1047
Fax +49 4182 - 6155
E-Mail Web

Branch Office
Magdeburger Chaussee 44
06193 Petersberg
Phone +49 345 - 52177900
Fax +49 345 - 52177999
E-Mail Web