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In 2019, the FRIEDRICH VORWERK group acquired Energy & Environment Engineering (EEE) to expand the technology portfolio for specialized flow measurement, which subsequently continues to operate independently under the name VORWERK-EEE GmbH. VORWERK-EEE GmbH's experience and expertise in engineering of fuel supply systems can be applied to the client's advantage during engineering processes, quality assurance and site services.
VORWERK-EEE GmbH's portfolio also includes innovative products such as the OrQa®, a pressure loss-free flow meter, which will be applied in public gas supply in Germany for the first time this year.

Head Office and Engineering
Harburger Straße 19
21255 Tostedt
T +49 (0) 4182.2947 889
F +49 (0) 4182.6155

Technical Services
Zum Röthepfuhl 1
14974 Ludwigsfelde
T +49 (0) 3375.525 360
F +49 (0) 3375.525 3611