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In our Energy Transformation division, we offer our customers tailor-made plant engineering solutions ranging from individual components to comprehensive plants for the treatment and processing of natural gas, hydrogen, biogas, electricity, heat and water.

Based on our innovative products and components we are able to offer highly efficient and reliable solutions from gas pressure regulating & metering systems, biogas processing plants to complete electrolyser systems for hydrogen production.

Qualified Services

  • Gas pressure regulating & metering systems
  • Compressor and pumping stations
  • Gas drying and gas conditioning plants
  • Liquefied natural gas terminals
  • Electrolyser systems for hydrogen production
  • Pressure vessel and apparatus engineering
  • Storage and compressor piping
  • Electric transformer stations
  • Heat generation plants
  • Proprietary heat exchangers and heaters
  • Gas filters and dust liquid separators
  • Customized biogas processing systems (amine wash & membrane systems)
  • Innovative gas metering components
  • Intelligent Infrastructure Management Systems (E/I&C technology, electrical and automation technology, etc.)