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Electricity has a central role in achieving Europe’s clean energy transition. Not only does the switch from the more CO2 intensive fossil fuels enable the large-scale decarbonization of the power sector itself, the produced green electricity can also be used to replace fossil fuels in other energy-intensive sectors of the economy such as transport (e-mobility), buildings (electrical heat pumps) or industry (e.g. for providing low- to medium temperature heat). The increased demand for electricity, coupled with a switch towards a decentralized power system based on renewables, however, also prompts substantial changes to the existing electricity transmission infrastructure. Especially in countries where the areas with the largest potential for renewable energy generation and the major consumption hubs are geographically divergent, the large network operators face the challenge of creating major new transmission lines across the country. VORWERK is actively working with the European network operators to create a reliable and efficient electricity transmission grid for the future.

VORWERK spearheaded by its recently acquired subsidiary Bohlen & Doyen is electrifying Europe by being one of the market leaders in realizing high voltage transmission grids. Over a century of cumulated expertise in the realization of long-distance transmission projects, an essential role in the early high voltage direct current projects and large European interconnector projects have led to technological dominance and a team of highly experienced engineers. Our engineers are able to cater for all of the value chain on a full turnkey basis, whilst always ensuring a high degree of accuracy. We aim to stand in an open dialog with our customers in developing the ideal solutions for the midstream electricity market through our deep pool of talent and know how.

Our qualified products and services in the electricity segment include:

Earthbound electricity grids

We offer a full turnkey approach for transmission grid operators (TSOs), distribution grid providers (DSOs) and private clients, starting from conceptualizing the project, detail engineering and carrying out the rights of way negotiations up to the realization and aftermarket service & maintenance. Our patented procedures and state of the art equipment allow even the most complex cable projects to be realized in time. A large in house HD-drilling fleet, extensive cable pull capabilities and decades of industry specific expertise are some of the factors that differentiate us from our competitors.

Energy transformation electricity

We are able to realize turnkey transformer and converter stations that fulfill highest regulatory standards in reliability, precision and efficiency that come naturally with executing critical energy infrastructure. We have an excellent track record of providing tailor made solutions using our state of the art technology and experience.

Service & operation

We offer all specialized services for electricity grids and stations. 24h on call fault service, maintenance and operation ensure maximum reliability and safety of critical electricity infrastructure.