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Pipelineforum - November 17, 2022 in Hamburg, Germany.

Europe in the energy crisis - Current opportunities and challenges for the German energy infrastructure.

Russia's unexpected war of aggression against the Ukraine has triggered a profound and complex energy crisis in Europe. Whereas many European countries had been able to rely on cheap and secure energy supplies from Russia for decades, the sudden loss of Russia as a reliable trading partner has fueled massive supply fears and is causing rapid price spirals on international energy markets. As a result of this changed geopolitical situation, the Federal Republic of Germany is also critically reviewing its previous energy policy and adoptingmassive new measures, whose speed and scope were unthinkable only a short time ago.

This year's technical presentations will deal in detail with the multi-layered effects of the current crisis on the German energy infrastructure. First and foremost, this includes the accelerated build-up of LNG import capacities, which places numerous additional demands on the existing natural gas network. Secondly, an overview of the status of the major north-south power lines is given, and the question of what role hydrogen can play in the energy mix of the future is explored. The aim is to understand the complex consequences and interactions of current energy policy on the German infrastructure and to evaluate them in the context of the ambitious climate targets.

For the Pipeline Forum 2022, we have once again been able to attract expert speakers who will approach the complex topic from different perspectives. After and especially during the presentations, the event will, as in previous years, also offer the opportunity for an open and critical exchange of ideas. During the event, all appropriate measures will be taken to contain the spread of the corona virus- SARS-CoV-2.

We look forward to your participation!

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