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The "hydrogen revolution" - a global task

Without green hydrogen, a successful climate change has become unthinkable. Wherever electrification using green electricity is not technically or economically feasible, emission-free hydrogen is considered the only sensible alternative to achieve the ambitious decarbonisation goals. Thus, the green energy carrier has huge potentials in energy-intensive industries, such as the steel or chemical industry. But hydrogen can also play a decisive role in mobility or building heat in order to sustainably reduce CO2 emissions.

This year's expert lectures will deal in detail with the progress made so far and the manifold challenges in establishing a functioning hydrogen economy. On the one hand, a preview will be given of what a globally networked value chain for green hydrogen could look like. On the other hand, the example of Germany will be used to show what demands large-scale hydrogen imports will make on the future energy infrastructure and what role local hydrogen centres can play in the development of a domestic hydrogen industry. Through the interplay of various practical perspectives, the aim is to show how a successful "hydrogen turnaround" can succeed.

For this year's Pipeline Forum 2023, we have once again been able to attract expert speakers, each representing different interest groups and perspectives within the hydrogen economy of tomorrow. After and especially during the presentations, the event will, as in previous years, offer the opportunity for an open and critical exchange of ideas. We look forward to welcoming you to the event.

For further information and to register, please contact Ms Stephanie Lübeck at .