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With a length of around 7000 km, the ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH operates the 2nd largest gas pipeline network in Germany. In order to guarantee the safest, most low-price, environmentally and customer friendly gas supply, sections of the gas transport network are constantly improved and expanded.  This also applies to the gas pipeline FGL 32 with an overall length of ca. 70.7 km between the districts of Leipzig and Zwickau.  

The ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH has commissioned the VORWERK company location in Halle together with the Einhaus Anlagenservice Company to replace ca. 50 km of this supply line in 11 sections in the existing nominal size of DN 500. The line section to be replaced has to be designed for DP 25 and has to be piggable. In order to guarantee an uninterrupted supply of all customers, the individual pipeline sections can only be replaced one at a time.

The scope of services also includes the construction of 10 new branch valve units and 2 pig trap stations. In addition, previously renovated sections have to be integrated and therefore have to be specifically inspected and cleaned. This is a job for our reliable partners at the EPS Company.

The works on the most challenging section between Räpitz and Böhlen (with a length of 15 km) were originally scheduled to start in June of this year but due to a not yet granted plan approval order, the beginning of the works will be pushed back into the “short” months.  At least, the archaeologists will be finished with their works by then.  We are now planning to begin our works in September and will of course be able to meet the contractual deadline in December 2019.