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In December 2020, the contract between ENERGINET and the joint venture DENYS-MUNCK-VORWERK for the construction of approx. 80 km of DN 900 pipeline including the 7 valve groups was concluded. The joint venture consists of the local partner MUNCK, the Belgian based construction company DENYS and the FRIEDRICH VORWERK group of companies. The performance of work will be carried out by providing the resources by the three partners in a share ratio of one third each.

In addition to the pipeline construction, the FRIEDRICH VORWERK Group of Companies is involved in the realization with extensive ancillary services. We participate with our subsidiaries KORUPP (KKS), MESA (E/I installation) and EPS (pressure testing, drying as well as geometry pigging).

The construction camp was completely rebuilt in Langeskov directly at the E20 freeway towards Copenhagen and was occupied at the end of February. Not only the construction warehouse and our project management are accommodated, but also the client ENERGINET is on site with approx. 50 workplaces.

In the first days of March this year, after an unusually cold and wet winter in Funen, we were able to start preparing the route and removing the topsoil. At the same time, station construction for the Nyborg pigging and cut-off station started in prefabrication at the Langeskov construction camp.

In the past months, approx. 30 km of pipeline have been constructed, with approx. 35 km planned in 2021. The remaining 45km will then be built in 2022.

The project also saw the successful first use of the new welding processes introduced in the group of companies.  The new Vermaat automatic welding system was used for the stem. In joint welding, the combination STT Hand (MAG) was used for root welding and the filler and cover layers by means of automatic welding (Comet).

(November 2021)