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This year VORWERK was been commissioned by Gasunie Deutschland to build the two connecting pipelines for the new LNG terminal in Brunsbuettel. The first floating LNG terminal was commissioned at the Brunsbuettel site by the end of the year.  To enable the imported liquefied gas to be fed  rapidly into the gas network, a new, approximately 3 km long pipeline section (ETL 185 with a nominal diameter of DN600) will first be built from the Brunsbuettel port area to the existing gas pipeline of Schleswig-Holstein Netz, which will thus connect the terminal to the European long-distance pipeline network.

Completion of the ETL 185 is scheduled for mid-December. It should then be possible to transfer up to four billion cubic meters of natural gas per year into the natural gas interconnected system. This corresponds to around 40 percent of the technical capacity of the planned floating terminals. The transported gas will be able to supply 2.7 million average households under optimal conditions.

Beginning 2023, the transmission system operator Gasunie is planning an additional, approximately 55 km long transport pipeline (ETL 180) from Brunsbuettel to Hetlingen with a nominal diameter of DN800, which in the future will also be able to feed significantly larger quantities of regasified liquefied gas into the existing natural gas network.

The two pipeline sections ETL 180 and ETL 185 will be implemented by an equal joint venture consisting of the FRIEDRICH VORWERK Group (FRIEDRICH VORWERK and Bohlen & Doyen Bau) and the Austrian HABAU Group (PPS Pipeline Systems and HABAU).

The 55km long, H2-ready pipeline ETL 180 is scheduled for completion by the end of 2023. The contract also includes the construction of a measurement and control facility in Brunsbuettel, which forms the transfer point from the terminal to the pipeline, the construction of three gate stations and the transfer station in Haseldorf, which provides the interface to the two existing pipelines.

The  pipeline route poses a number of challenges. For example, over a length of 8 km, the Krempermoor with groundwater levels close to the top level terrain will be crossed.  Construction here is being carried out in spool construction over continuous construction roads and in bored pipe trenches.

A total of 11 HDDs are planned for the construction of ETL 180, which will be executed by a joint venture in which our subsidiary Bohlen & Doyen Bau is involved.  Bohlen & Doyen will execute part of the HDDs directly.

For the operation of ETL 185, the slide gate stations S1 and S3 will be equipped with remote monitoring and remote control via the PDÜ network (Process Data Remote Transmission network). This is done via standardized control cabinets, which are included in the scope of supply and services of VORWERK Pipeline- und Anlagenservice GmbH, Division MESA, in short MESA. In addition, a volume measurement, gas analysis and gas control system will be installed at station S3. For this purpose, MESA will prepare another cabinet with integrated station automation.

The cabinets will be designed, manufactured and factory tested at the MESA site in Barsbuettel. After the cabinets have been delivered, they will be wired by other ARGE partners so that the plant can then be put into operation together after mechanical completion.


Our subsidiary KORUPP will carry out some work in the field of KKS (cathodic corrosion protection), which includes the installation and connection of various protective current devices, measuring points and remote monitoring systems in small distribution boards, measuring posts or outdoor cabinets. Furthermore, the installation of contact protection during the construction phase is an important task. In addition, approx. 60 measuring points will be installed on the pipeline or on the sheet pile walls. In addition, anode / grounding fields will be erected. Finally, the commissioning and handover of the KKS components will take place in cooperation with the operator.

The two projects in Brunsbuettel and Wilhelmshaven once again clearly show how well the cooperation within the various companies and locations of the FRIEDRICH VORWERK Group works.


(December 2022)