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FRIEDRICH VORWERK switches energy supply of the Wiesmoor site to hydrogen and concludes cooperation agreement with stack manufacturer Hoeller Electrolyzer to further deepen hydrogen competencies

The site's internal electricity and heat supply is to be provided by a state-of-the-art bi-fuel combined heat and power plant (CHP), which will be operated with self-generated hydrogen from a local electrolysis plant. For the electrolyzer, FRIEDRICH VORWERK can draw on its decades of experience in complex plant engineering and construction and can therefore carry out the engineering and construction almost entirely in-house. For the stack, FRIEDRICH VORWERK relies on the innovative Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology from the manufacturer Hoeller Electrolyzer. The company, based in Wismar, develops and manufactures PEM electrolysis stacks that generate hydrogen with the addition of electricity and water and thus represent a core component of future power-to-X systems. In addition to significantly improving the site's carbon footprint, the project is also intended to gather experience with the long-term operation of electrolysis systems and to identify further potential for optimization. To this end, the two companies recently concluded a cooperation agreement that provides for joint testing and further development of the novel technology in practical operation at the Wiesmoor site. In the future, the aim is to continue the cooperation up to a longer-term supply relationship for potential follow-up projects.

Hydrogen is seen as the key to achieving the increasingly ambitious climate goals. By 2050, the European Commission therefore expects investments of up to € 470 billion in the ramp-up of electrolysis capacities as well as the necessary transport and storage infrastructure. With the first power-to-hydrogen project executed as early as 2013, FRIEDRICH VORWERK can draw on extensive experience in the field of hydrogen technologies. Against the background of the strong growth in demand, the company is planning to significantly expand its expertise in this area.

(Juni 2022)