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In July 2015, the Mainova AG awarded the contract for the district heating project “Maindüker“ in Frankfurt to the FRIEDRICH VORWERK KG (GmbH & Co.) and its two consortium partners Bauer Spezialtiefbau GmbH and Epping Rohrvortrieb GmbH. The Bauer Company built the two pipe jacking shafts north and south of the river Main and the Epping Company carried out the pipe jacking (DN 2500) underneath the river. The task assigned to the FRIEDRICH VORWERK Company is divided into two lots. Lot 3 consists of the laying of steel jacket pipes DN 500/650 incl. pulling the pipes into the two existing cooling water channel tunnels DN 1500 as well as the connection to the combined heat and power plant West by means of a elevated overhead pipeline. Our own works started in January 2016. The pulling into the cooling water channel has now been successfully carried out. The distance between the flow and return pipes is only about 3 mm while the distance to the edge of the channel is only 10 mm at the narrowest point. A rail system by the PSI Company was used which makes it possible to push the lines back and forth separately from one another.

Lot 2 consists of the pulling of one flow and one return line DN 500/670 (plastic jacket pipe) from the starting shaft at a depth of 24 m into the 300 m long tunnel DN 2500 underneath the river Main. Including all of the shafts and connection lines, approximately 750 m of plastic jacket pipes are being installed. The works are scheduled to be completed at the beginning of September 2016.