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As a company, we are a key driver of the energy transition. With the DolWin6 project, the FRIEDRICH VORWERK Group is creating the landfall connection for around 900 MW of climate-friendly wind power from the North Sea until 2023.

BoDo‘s long-standing customer TenneT will receive a complete turnkey solution for the project, including all essential services such as cable pulling, HDD drilling and route construction for the land-based part of the connection from a single source. In order to ensure a sustainable approach to the environment, the 42 km of onshore cables will be installed underground. About 20 km of the track will be constructed using the highly complex HDD drilling method, where Bohlen & Doyen's special HDD drilling expertise is a decisive competitive advantage. Furthermore, BoDo is committed to the professional recultivation of the affected landscapes in order to limit the ecological footprint of the project.

The DolWin6 project is thus a further reference for VORWERK‘s turnkey competence in complex offshore connection projects to the national power grids, which have made the long-established companies FRIEDRICH VORWERK and Bohlen & Doyen, market leaders in the field of land-based high-voltage direct current cables.

The generation of energy from offshore wind is an elementary component of the energy turnaround. In 2018 alone, offshore platforms generated around 18 terawatt hours of electricity. By 2030, offshore plants with a total capacity of 20 GW are expected to be rotating off the coasts of Germany. This corresponds to almost a tripling of the current capacity.

At the same time, the underground installation of new power lines is becoming increasingly important in order to ensure a sustainable approach to nature. Against this background, the German government recently decided to create several underground north-south electricity highways with a length of several thousand kilometers in order to transport clean renewable energy from the wind-rich north to the industrial centers in southern Germany.

(December 2020)