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Since 2012, all our technical engineering work has been carried out directly at our headquarters in Tostedt. Our dedicated design engineers and draftsmen led by department head Sascha Eigelt lay the foundations for pipeline and plant constructions of various dimensions which are then turned into reality in our workshops and on our construction sites.

Since the end of 2012, our engineering department has had a new home in the former staff rooms next to the office building of our headquarters in Tostedt. Years ago, these rooms were used to host the annual Christmas party but after extensive remodelling work, projects of various dimensions from heat exchangers to compressor stations are now calculated, designed and drafted here.

After years of experience as construction and project manager, Sascha Eigelt was promoted to head of the engineering department in Tostedt at the end of 2012. He is supported by his assistant Andrea Harms, who also doubles as the company’s resident translator.

Design engineers Alexander Utigenow, Michael Holthus and Jan Wirtmüller are responsible for all projects in the field of plant engineering, while Torben Modreker works on pressure containers. All of them provide the specifications for our draftswomen Elvira Lieber-Papenfuss and Antje Wineberger as well as our trainee Ramona Schwentke who started her training as draftswoman in the engineering department in August 2014.

Michael Zemann is responsible for measuring of house connections, and backs up our draftswomen in times of high demand. Another part of the engineering department is the technical documentation led by Heiko Hoff, who makes sure that all of our construction projects are fully documented.

(Dezember 2016)