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FRIEDRICH VORWERK sets final offer price at € 45 per share

Tostedt, 23 March 2021– FRIEDRICH VORWERK Group SE, a leading provider of energy transportation and transformation infrastructure for the gas, electricity and hydrogen markets (“FRIEDRICH VORWERK” or the “Company”), has set the final offer price for its initial public offering (the “Offering”) at €45.00 per share. Trading of the Company's shares on the regulated market (Prime Standard) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange is expected to commence on 25 March 2021 under the trading symbol “VH2” and the ISIN DE000A255F11.

In total, 9.2 million shares were placed as part of the Offering. Thereof, 2.0 million shares derive from a capital increase registered with the commercial register today and 6.0 million secondary shares were allocated from the selling shareholders. Additionally, 1.2 million secondary shares were allocated from the selling shareholders in connection with an over-allotment (“Greenshoe option”). The total offer volume amounts to €414 million.

Based on the final offer price, the Company’s market capitalisation will amount to €900 million. FRIEDRICH VORWERK will receive gross proceeds of €90 million to expand the Company’s business, especially in the hydrogen and electricity markets. The free float of the Company will amount to 46%, assuming full exercise of the Greenshoe option. FRIEDRICH VORWERK will remain an owner-managed business in which CEO Torben Kleinfeldt and MBB SE will hold a majority stake in the long-term.

Contact Details

Niedersachsenstraße 19-21
21255 Tostedt
Tel +49 4182 - 1047
Fax +49 4182 - 6155

Management Board
Torben Kleinfeldt (CEO)
Tim Hameister

Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Dr. Christof Nesemeier

Court of Registration
District Court of Tostedt, registration number: HRB 208170


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This announcement does not purport to contain all information required to evaluate the Company and/or its financial position. Financial information (including percentages) has been rounded according to established commercial standards.

To cover potential over-allotments, the selling shareholders have agreed to make available up to 1,200,000 shares of Friedrich Vorwerk Group SE to the underwriters. In addition, the selling shareholders have granted the underwriters an option to acquire a number of shares equal to the number of shares allotted to cover over-allotments during the Stabilisation Period (as defined below). In connection with the placement of shares, Joh. Berenberg, Gossler & Co. KG will act as the stabilisation manager and may, as stabilisation manager, make over-allotments and take stabilisation measures in accordance with legal requirements (Art. 5(4) and (5) of Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 in conjunction with Articles 5 through 8 of Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/1052). Stabilization measures aim at supporting the market price of the Company‘s shares during the stabilization period, such period starting on the date the Company‘s shares commence trading on the regulated market (Prime Standard) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse), expected on or around 25 March 2021, and ending no later than 30 calendar days thereafter (the “Stabilization Period”). The stabilisation manager is, however, under no obligation to take any stabilization measures. Therefore, stabilization measures may not necessarily occur and may cease at any time without advance notice. These measures may result in the market price of the Company’s shares being higher than would otherwise have been the case. Moreover, the market price may temporarily be at an unsustainable level. In addition, stabilisation activities may give false or misleading signals regarding the supply of the securities. In connection with such stabilization measures, investors may, in addition to the primary and secondary shares, be allocated up to 1,200,000 over-allotment shares (such number not to exceed 15% of the final number of primary and secondary shares placed in the Offering). In addition, the current shareholders have granted the underwriters an option to acquire a number of shares in the Company equal to the number of over-allotment shares at the offer price, less agreed commissions (so-called greenshoe option). To the extent over-allotment shares are allocated to investors in the Offering, the stabilisation manager is entitled to exercise this greenshoe option on one or more occasions if such exercise follows a sale of shares by the stabilisation manager which the stabilisation manager had previously acquired as part of stabilization measures.