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With the Get-H2-Nucleus, VORWERK launches the first part of the European hydrogen economy. As a pioneer of the energy transition, VORWERK realizes the first part of a 130 km long section of the public European hydrogen backbone for Evonik. Until 2050, Europe looks set to invest a total of around €488 billion into the creation of a pan-European hydrogen infrastructure with more than 23,000 km of H2-pipeline infrastructure in order to achieve its goal of CO2 neutrality by 2050.

The initial part of this network is a 9 km long pipeline that will connect the Evonik Chemical Park in Marl with the BP refinery site in Gelsenkirchen. In a second step, the pipeline will be extended to connect an electrolysis facility at the Lingen power plant.

This will be the first publicly accessible pipeline for hydrogen, which will enable other green hydrogen producers and consumers to connect to the hydrogen grid in the industrial Rhine-Ruhr region. The use of green hydrogen saves considerable amounts of CO2 , especially in energy-intensive processes such as ammonia production.

"Being able to implement groundbreaking hydrogen projects of this kind already today, makes us proud and underlines our competence in handling gases such as hydrogen. Thanks to long-standing customer relationships with network operators, energy producers and industrial companies, we are convinced that we can make a decisive contribution to the development of a European hydrogen network and thus enable the decarbonisation of the industry," explains Torben Kleinfeldt, CEO and shareholder of the VORWERK Group.

(November 2020)