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Last year, we were able to secure the contract for the construction of the EUGAL pipeline, lot 7 and 8 with a joint venture consisting of our company, the Denys N.V. company from Belgium and the Anton Meyer GmbH & Co. KG.

The EUGAL pipeline is built in order to transfer the gas which is transported from Russia via the Nord Stream 2 (also known as the “Schröder Pipeline“) from Lubmin at the Baltic coast southwards to the Czech border. The EUGAL is supposed to secure the gas supply for the European market which is running short due to the decline of the gas production in the Netherlands and the decreasing resources in the North Sea.

The planning approval documents were already submitted to the responsible authorities by our client the Gascade Gastransport GmbH in September of last year. The plan approval notice is expected to be available in August 2018. During this time, we also have to start our construction activities on lot 7 and 8.

The sections of the EUGAL which we are working on are located in the South of Berlin and stretch from Lüdersdorf up to Gräbendorf. The double line with a dimension of DN 1,400 and a pressure range of 100 bar is mostly laid in open trenches along a working strip with a length of 54 m. In addition to several challenging crossings with the already existing OPAL pipeline, the rivers Löcknitz, Oder-Spree-Wasserstraße and Müggelspree have to be crossed by means of the HDD and microtunneling procedure along a length of 1,200 m.

The construction works are scheduled up to the year of 2021 and can therefore secure an excellent degree of capacity utilization of our pipeline construction crews.