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Our subsidiary Bohlen & Doyen has received an order from OGE for a H2 feed-in facility. The scope of supply and services covers the complete plant and process engineering including reciprocating and diaphragm compressors as well as electrical and I&C equipment including Siemens PC S7, in addition to the buildings and outdoor facilities.

BW Bürgerwindpark Fehndorf/Lindloh GmbH & Co. KG is building an electrolysis plant in Haren (Ems), Lower Saxony. Approx. 200 - 400 Nm³/h of hydrogen will be produced. The hydrogen produced will be transferred via a connecting pipeline to the hydrogen feed-in plant (WSEA) to be built by OGE. OGE's WSEA will be constructed adjacent to the hydrogen production facility.

The hydrogen will be filtered after entering the plant and then the gas volume, pressure, temperature, gas moisture, and oxygen content will be measured. The measured flow is converted to standard volume using a volume corrector with the gas temperature and the corresponding gas pressure. This value is used to bill the producer for the hydrogen supplied. The hydrogen is then compressed to network operating pressure in the gas compressor unit. The control of the compressor is based on the inlet pressure/flow rate with the aim of feeding the maximum possible flow rate into the natural gas grid.

Hydrogen is injected as make-up gas into OGE's existing natural gas pipeline 63 (DP84, MOP 84) (H-gas).

(May 2022)