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VORWERK, in a consortium with STRABAG, has been awarded a contract for the 1st construction phase for the replacement of the DN 800 potable water pipeline at Elbchaussee, which is approx. four kilometers long, with subsequent basic renewal of the roadway and ancillary facilities. The contract will be carried out for the cooperation partners Hamburg Wasser, LSBG, Gasnetz Hamburg and Stromnetz Hamburg under the lead management of Hamburg Wasser. VORWERK will be responsible for the technical management. VORWERK will carry out the pipeline construction and STRABAG the road construction. In the course of this measure, the gas pipeline for GasNetz Hamburg will also be renewed in some areas and cable conduits for Stromnetz Hamburg will be laid. The construction site will keep us engaged for a planned 30 months, or 2.5 years, starting in May of this year. The gross volume of the contract is €24.7 million. The preliminary measures are already being carried out by VORWERK.

The work on the Elbchaussee has already been discussed and presented in the media many times, as there will be considerable restrictions for residents and motorists during the rehabilitation measures. For example, the four-kilometer stretch between Manteufelstrasse and Parkstrasse will be turned into a one-way street for the planned construction period, with traffic changing direction twice a day - inbound in the morning and outbound in the afternoon. However, the main objective of the construction measure is "to create a safer and more comfortable Elbchaussee for all road users" and "to establish a future-proof and line-strong infrastructure for residents," according to Hamburg's Transport Senator Anjes Tjarks of the Green Party.

In connection with the construction project on Elbchaussee, we are also carrying out two other contracts in the course of the new construction of the A26 in the access area of the A7.

On behalf of Hamburg Wasser, we have to install two DN 1000 outlets during the decommissioning of the Heidewasser pipeline. On behalf of ARGE Bunte/STRABAG, VORWERK will subsequently lay approx. 650m of DN 1000 potable water pipeline in a modified route and connect it to the new outlets. The temporary decommissioning of the pipeline is directly related to the work on the Elbchaussee, as the reconstruction work on the 800m pipeline can only take place once the Heide pipeline is out of service.

Parallel to this, the relocation of a DN 400 (PN 25) gas pipeline and the construction of a new empty pipe package are currently being carried out. VORWERK is working together with Bohlen & Doyen on the laying using the "Dutch construction method". This means that the existing soil (mainly peat) is excavated, prepared on site by means of a mobile mixing plant and then re-installed. The pipelines are installed only after the soil has settled.

VORWERK is proud to be building the energy networks of the future with its wide range of services in Hamburg.