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The joint venture “ARGE Bavaria Loop Nord“ (Streicher/PPS/VORWERK) will build a loop line from the Open Grid Europe station Schwandorf near the city of Regensburg to the station Arresting. The loop line with a length of 62 km has a diameter of DN1000 and is designed for a pressure of 100 bar.

The expansion is supposed to allow for the connection of new natural gas reservoirs and new gas power plants and shall ensure the capacity requirements of downstream network operators and co-operation partners of Open Grid Europe.

The first construction works such as stripping of topsoil, the search for explosive ordnance, archaeological surveys and pipe jacking already started in October 2016. Front end welding was also started in October but had to be stopped after 10 days due to poor weather conditions. The welding activities are scheduled to be resumed on January 16th, 2017. The commissioning of the pipeline is scheduled for December 2017.