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VORWERK-EEE GmbH received an order for the Ministry of Energy in Ghana last year with a contract volume of € 1.5 million. The scope of work consists of the engineering, manufacturing, delivery and turnkey installation as well as commissioning of four existing gas measuring units (ultrasonic meters) DN 200 and one gas measuring unit (ultrasonic meter) DN 300 including volume correctors and the refurbishment of an existing gas measuring unit.

An essential part of the order is the delivery, installation as well as integration into the existing gas supply network and commissioning of a gas chromatograph to determine the actual gas composition, which consists of many individual components. Gas chromatography (GC) is a modern analysis method for substance mixtures. The analysed gas components are transmitted via Modbus or fibre optic cable to the volume correctors installed in the control cabinet. Taking into account pressure and temperature, which are also transmitted to the volume correctors by the transmitters installed in the field, the correctors then calculate the consumption of the individual gas turbines as well as the total gas consumption of all connected gas turbines in the power plant.

Another challenge is the replacement, conversion and expansion of an existing control cabinet system into a modern system that is precisely tailored to the customer's needs. The task of this control cabinet system is to integrate all the aforementioned gas measuring units into a communication and evaluation system and to make them available to the customer at a central point (control room).

The first milestones such as planning, production and the packaging and logistics phases have been successfully completed. The material has reached the customer's destination in Ghana and the next challenge will be the assembly on site in Africa. The on-site implementation will be carried out under the responsibility and guidance of the VORWERK-EEE service personnel with a local assembly partner.