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FRIEDRICH VORWERK sets global standards in the gas market. On behalf of pigsar, VORWERK is expanding one of the world's leading gas pressure test benches, the "Closed Loop", with a test bench for particularly high pressures. Currently, a large proportion of the gas meters installed in the European natural gas grid are calibrated at pigsar. The system is thus an elementary component of European gas trading and defines the "norm" in gas flow measurement.

The plant is proof of VORWERK‘s excellent engineering competence and reflects our decades of know-how and experience in gas handling and measurement.

The design of the "Closed Loop" at the Dorsten site enables the operator Vier Gas Services GmbH & Co. KG to test large-volume meters independently of the flow situations of existing natural gas pipelines. After the test phase up to Christmas 2020, the test loop will be transferred to commercial operation at the beginning of 2021.

(December 2020)