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The renovation of the autobahn BAB1 - Leverkusener Brücke across the river Rhine will necessitate a large-scale re-routing of several pipelines in order to clear the site for the new motorway bridge.
The renovation of the motorway has become necessary because the existing construction is no longer able to cope with the considerably increased traffic load and is now passable only for passenger cars. Truck-traffic has to be re-routed which regularly causes long traffic jams around the Leverkusener Kreuz.

The joint venture of FRIEDRICH VORWERK and Anton Meyer has been commissioned by the Gascade Gastransport GmbH to re-route the pipe bundles DN 700, DN 300 and 2 x DN 150 over a length of ca. 1.200 m each. In addition to that, 5 additional station construction projects will have to be realized in order to secure supply in the future. Within this joint venture, the FRIEDRICH VORWERK KG (GmbH & Co.) is responsible for the technical management of the project. The preparatory measures have started in June and are scheduled to be finished by the end of this year (apart from the disassembly works).
The operating companies Gascade, Norddeutschen Mineralöl Gesellschaft, Westgas and Currenta are important suppliers for large companies in the area and are therefore planning a long-term commissioning program.

Currently, extensive measures to guarantee the absence of explosive ordnance in the area are being carried out. Trench excavation has already started in the first secured section and the preparations for the first four of a total of 17 closed crossings have also begun. Preparations for the pipe construction works are underway as well. Our company will be responsible for the execution of 16 thrust-boring measures as well as the pressure testing.