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Green hydrogen will play a central role in the successful completion of the energy transition. Combining innovative concepts with aspects such as security of supply, affordability and environmental compatibility will be an integral part of tomorrow's energy infrastructure.

For this reason, our energy supply at our site in Wiesmoor will be converted to a considerable extent to renewable energy from our own production. In addition, an innovative concept involving green hydrogen will demonstrate how intelligent energy management can be developed and implemented at an industrial site.

The project comprises five sub-projects. By the end of this year, the power supply will be switched exclusively to the transformer on the plant site. In the course of the new power lines to be laid, the decentralized heating systems will also be interconnected by underground lines. In the second step, the south-east roof areas will be covered with approx. 400 kWp photovoltaic and integrated. In the first quarter of next year, a CHP unit will be installed, which can run on natural gas as well as hydrogen. The system also includes a central heating system that will replace the old gas heating systems. We expect to deliver an electrolysis system before the end of the first quarter of 2022, which will convert the surplus electricity from the PV system into hydrogen, which will then be available to the CHP unit via a buffer storage tank to supply electricity and heat as needed. The last step includes the development of an operating concept, which on the one hand brings our know-how in dealing with regenerative hydrogen to bear and on the other hand optimizes the economic side of the project.

The project is scientifically accompanied by the "Institut für Rohrleitungsbau" from Oldenburg.

(November 2021)