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Siemens AG has been commissioned to supply two SGT 5-4000 F gas turbines for the power plant in Maisan, Iraq. Part of the power plant project is the supply of the gas supply system required for this. This was again awarded by Siemens AG to VORWERK-EEE GmbH in Wildau. The order with a volume of approx. 4 million Euro includes the delivery of the fuel gas supply system consisting of inlet filter, pressure regulating line, gas measurement and analysis as well as preheating of the fuel gas to 200°C, final filtration, and the so-called ignition gas system. This enables the gas turbine to start with oil.

The entire plant was planned in detail by our design departments in Wildau and Tostedt. The gas-technical apparatuses contained in the plant, such as heat exchangers and filters, were designed by the colleagues according to ASME standards. The electrical engineering and automation was planned and executed by MESA and the colleagues from Bohlen & Doyen SAT GmbH. All components were prefabricated in the workshop at VORWERK-ASA in Herne in accordance with the American ASME standard. The final assembly of the plant was carried out at the prefabrication site of Bohlen & Doyen SAT GmbH in Wiesmoor. The entire system was completely assembled and tested in Wiesmoor until summer 2020 and then accepted there by the customer, Siemens. After seaworthy packing, the system was then delivered by ship to Maisan. The project is an excellent example of the comprehensive cooperation and use of potential within our group of companies. With a total electrical output of 840 megawatts, the overall Maisan project will supply approximately three million Iraqis with electricity.