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Sustainability rating with EcoVadis

The FRIEDRICH VORWERK group of companies has recognized that sustainability is not only a commitment to the environment and society, but also plays an increasingly important role with customers. The demand for sustainable solutions and products is growing steadily as consumers and companies increasingly want to be more conscious of resources and reduce their ecological footprint.

In order to assess and further improve our own performance in the area of sustainability, our group of companies has chosen to be assessed by EcoVadis. EcoVadis is a renowned provider that conducts sustainability assessments for companies and offers detailed insights into their environmental, social and ethical practices. This assessment enables the FRIEDRICH VORWERK group of companies to identify its strengths and weaknesses and take targeted action to further improve its sustainability performance.

An important step on the way to decarbonization is the transparent presentation of emission sources. emissions are divided into the following so-called scopes:
Scope 1: Direct emissions of CO2, e.g., from the combustion of diesel in our equipment and vehicles.
Scope 2: Purchase of energy, e.g. electricity generated in a power plant, which caused CO2 emissions there
Scope 3: Indirect emissions, e.g. from purchased goods, waste, business travel and transport routes

By increasingly taking all three aspects into account, our Group gains a comprehensive view of emissions along our value chain as well as overall emissions. We can then reduce these through appropriate measures.

The cooperation with ONTRAS in the construction of the CO2-neutral Nesselgrund gas pressure control and metering plant is an outstanding example of innovative solutions. The use of vortex tubes enables a thermodynamic process that generates heat and is essential for safe and efficient pressure control. This leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions and contributes to energy efficiency.

Another approach to reducing emissions is to replace vehicles and equipment. For example, we were able to achieve considerable savings by purchasing a submerged-arc welding system in Wiesmoor. Calculations show that an annual saving of around 400 tons of CO2 is achieved compared with the previous technology. This investment in modern technology is not only more environmentally friendly, but can also lead to cost savings in the long term.

In addition, the FRIEDRICH VORWERK Group of Companies uses HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) as a method for laying pipelines. This method not only reduces CO2 emissions as fewer vehicles and equipment are needed on site, but also has a positive impact on the preservation of biodiversity. Since the habitat is not destroyed by excavation, the natural environment is preserved and helps protect wildlife and plants.

Overall, the FRIEDRICH VORWERK Group of Companies demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability and decarbonization. By combining technical projects, innovative solutions and a holistic view of emissions along the entire value chain, the company positions itself as a pioneer in sustainability. With ongoing commitment and the implementation of further measures, the FRIEDRICH VORWERK Group of Companies will continue its contribution to protecting the environment and promoting a sustainable future.

(September 2023)