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In the course of the construction of the new workshop and social building on our “Platz 2000“ at the Harburger Straße in Tostedt, the first sod was turned in January 2017.

After a few exciting months of construction, the topping-out ceremony was held on June 29th, 2017. Our workshop Master Mr. Janz was given the honorable task of “blessing“ the completion of the building shell with a little speech.

The last works were completed at the end of October as planned and therefore we were able to start moving the workshop from its old location at the Niedersachsenstraße to our Platz 2000 at the beginning of November. By now, all of our workshop employees have settled into their new working environment and all inspections and repairs are carried out smoothly. From now on, all of our pipeline construction and civil engineering teams also start their way to their respective construction sites from our Platz 2000 which makes the site logistics a lot more efficient.

(April 2018)