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VORWERK wins the major contract for the realization of the district heat interconnector pipeline and the associated block station in Bremen with an order volume of more than € 45 million, thus demonstrating FRIEDRICH VORWERK's excellent technology and implementation competence in the field of district heating.

The planned district heat interconnector pipeline forms a key component of the successful heat transition (“Wärmewende”) in the city of Bremen by transporting climate-friendly district heat generated in the waste-to-energy plant Bremen to neighboring urban areas. The new interconnector will enable a replacement of coal powered heat currently generated at the Hastedt power plant. The project thereby makes a significant contribution to reducing the carbon footprint of Bremen.

In addition to the district heat pipeline, VORWERK was also awarded the planning and realization of the block station that will distribute the district heat and ensure the necessary pressure levels within the system. This underlines the company’s successful combination of engineering expertise in integrated energy infrastructure systems. Works on the project are scheduled to begin as early as the beginning of 2022.

District heat is considered a key pathway to the decarbonization of the building sector. By 2030, the technology is targeted to account for at least 30 percent of the heat consumed in buildings – some estimates even see 45 percent as realistic. Against this backdrop, substantial investment of up to €33 billion and numerous large-scale projects will be required to expand Germany's district heating networks by 2030. Based on its broad portfolio of services and technologies as well as decades of experience in the planning and implementation of district heat projects, FRIEDRICH VORWERK expects demand in this area to grow strongly over the next years.

(January 2022)