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Intense construction work is currently taking place in the extended industrial estate in Harburger Strasse next to the B75 in Tostedt. Within two years, the local pipeline construction company Friedrich Vorwerk that owns the area has sold almost all lots of land. “It’s been developing nicely. The lots are virtually all sold and we’re in the process of settling contracts for all properties. I could sell more than we actually have,” comments Christian Weiss from the Vorwerk Company on the high demand for the land.

The development of the first section was carried out in 1999/2000. The marketing of the properties went a little slow at first but now all but two lots have been sold here too. “We want to keep one of the unsold lots as an optional access to our premises. Apart from that, several medium-sized companies from mechanical engineering to car workshops have settled in the area,” notes Mr. Weiß.

Two years ago, the development of the second section with a net building area of 6.1 hectares abutting Dohrener Weg followed. Local car dealership Meyer, whose Skoda representative had been located in the industrial estate for two years, opened a Volkswagen dealership in the same area last March. Another expansion is planned and manager Arndt Weigel expects that he will need an additional 150-200 parking spaces. “We did not expect that big of an interest in our car market. The location next to the B75 and the good visibility definitely worked as an advantage for us,” he says.

Local businessman Klaas Dittmer recently opened the Media Competence Centre “Medienwerk 15“ next to his existing printing business (as recently reported in Wochenblatt).

Next to the car wash at the corner of the Friedrich Vorwerk-Strasse/Dohrener Weg, a car workshop has already been built. Next to it a used-car dealer will find its new home, and behind the car wash Füllberg Brandschutz-Service-GmbH is currently under construction as well.
On the opposite site, the Hoyer Company will build a filling station for cars and trucks next year.
Other lots have been sold to the Ingenieurbüro Frey engineering office from Sprötze that performs measurements on wind energy plants, the Elektro Spritzer company, the Matthies heating and sanitary company from Dohren and the Marine-Ersatzteile company from Otter.

The Gosselk company has also acquired one of the properties. “We are planning to move our company from Riepshofer Weg to the industrial estate. We want to offer a kind of industrial complex there where businesses can rent industrial warehouse space. Our scaffolding and construction machinery rental service will be at the site,” says Arnd Gosselk.

The customers and suppliers will be especially happy about the long access road to the industrial estate, which will circumvent the annoying traffic jams which frequently occur due to the many vehicles going to the composting yard at the Harburger Strasse.

Wochenblatt, 10.06.2015