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Another core competency of the VORWERK Group is the construction of cable lines. Of course, work in this field is carried out exclusively by trained experts with the necessary knowledge and skills.

Our machinery and equipment are designed to fulfill all tasks in this field perfectly. This applies to cable drum trailers, cable winches, auxiliary rope winches, cable blowing equipment and compressors.

Qualified Services

  • Laying of electric cables with a nominal voltage of up to 380 kV
  • Laying of communication and low and medium voltage cable systems in cable trenches, piping and industrial buildings
  • Pulling in of fibre optic cables
  • Pulling in of multiple pipes (cut-off attenuator)
  • Calibration of pipelines
  • Fault location for cable systems with precise measurements
  • Laying of cables for industrial plants
  • Pulling 1-20 KV cable systems into existing piping systems
  • Fabrication of connection sleeves
  • Construction of cable ducts and cable trenches