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The VORWERK Group takes a long-term approach to all projects entrusted to us and sustainability is intrinsic to this. That is why our work is not done after the completion of the project.

We offer a wide variety of services to our customers including maintenance and servicing which completes our interpretation of good work.

Qualified Services

Operational Management of Gas Facilities

  • Inspection, function checks and maintenance of gas pressure controlling plants
  • Parameter adjustment if requested by the customer
  • Odorant filling service
  • Standby services
  • Evaluation of faults and recommendation of countermeasures
  • Inspection of pressure vessels (inspections every 10 years)
  • Electrical engineering and cathodic corrosion protection
  • Revision/repair of stationary/nonstationary electrical systems and equipment
  • Revision/repair of CCP-systems
  • Calibration and function checks of telecontrol engineering
  • Effective detection of defects
  • Potential measurements, intensive measurements and re-measurements
  • Installation/supervision of remotely monitored systems and analysis of results

Piping Networks

  • Service and maintenance of piping networks and valves
  • Route maintenance (keeping routes free and marking routes)
  • Gas detection service
  • Rectification of faults and suppression of interferences (switching measures)

Special Measures

  • Pig cleaning
  • Spot drilling and sealing of pipelines as well as environmental services
  • Repairs on gas carrying systems
  • Works on pressurised pipelines
  • Inductive preheating for welding works on pipes in use
  • Use of alternative repair procedures (Black Diamond, Res-QTM)